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Deep Forest Log Furniture
01-27-2012, 11:22 AM
DEEP FOREST LOG FURNITURE is a locally based, family operated business here in the lush rain forest of Vancouver Island in the midst of endless groves of west coast red cedar and strong Douglas fir. Master craftsmen, William Kenneth, has been building custom log & Timber furniture for more than 12 years. As word of his exceptional craftsmanship spread across Canada, he opened a new Gallery in Parksville displaying his uniquely designed and constructed furniture. For your convenience all furniture can be delivered to your home.

DEEP FOREST takes pride in designing and crafting the finest log and timber furniture with full mortise and tenon joinery, nice and tight, and structurally glued and screwed. This furniture has been designed and built to last not one but several life times.

Vancouver island ,BC Canada
www.deepforestgallery.com (http://www.deepforestgallery.com)

Vancouver island ,BC Canada

04-04-2013, 07:39 AM
Log furniture is made from red cedar, steam-bent hickory and northern white cedar. These woods are heavy, insect-resistant, rot-resistant and long-lasting. With time, they get more integrated with their surroundings. Sometimes, natural cracks can be found in log furniture. Here I visit in your link and it's design are very unique.