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Custom Rustic
01-27-2012, 01:49 PM
Custom Rustic is devoted to producing functional rustic objects imbued with artistic merit and technical integrity.
My furniture captures the essence of the living tree by allowing its organic quality to remain as shape, line and texture in a finished piece. This natural aesthetic, combined with time honored methods of construction, results in a durable piece of furniture with personality. Rustic pieces are equally at home in the house or the garden. In addition to being functional, they delight the eye and create a warm ambiance.

Two distinct styles of indoor furniture are offered. Free form pieces most closely echo the lyrical proportions of original tree growth. The nature of the materials twisted branches and irregular forks direct the design process. These pieces have a sense of animated Stylized pieces such as the cherry dining chair are more refined in appearance. Formal elements are built into the design while still retaining the refreshing variation within nature. Some pieces are built with seasoned tree branches and saplings. Others are fashioned from materials hand split from the log. This last technique reveals the subtle character of the interior grain patterns. Both styles use selectively harvested native species, both peeled and unpeeled and reflect the rich variety of color and texture found in our regional forests. Chairs, stools, tables, beds and various cabinet forms are offered in each style.

Rustic furniture benches, chairs, and tables harmonizes beautifully in the garden. The pieces have a warmth and character all their own. Whether as a focal point, in a secluded space or as a grouping in a more public area, rustic creations are comfortable and elegant.

Gazebos, gates, arbors, pergolas and foot bridges, provide a distinctive architectural backbone to any outdoor setting. They lend a sense of character and drama to a garden space. This elegant and informal effect can be achieved because the materials used are combined in graceful proportions inspired by the organic and fluid growth of the trees themselves. Only hand picked cedar is utilized for exterior projects due to its rot resistance.