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The Value Proposition Approach

ORI believes that with better understanding of our customers we can serve them better and faster than they expect - better and faster than any of our competitors can. We will do that by constructing value propositions (specific product/service/delivery solutions) that appeal to customer groups with common needs. Because different customer groups want and need different kinds of products, services, delivery and performance, we will construct more than one value proposition. To date we have identified four value propositions. These value propositions will carry our products and services to new kinds of customers - expanding our market - and will more effectively meet the needs of customers we have served well in the past.

Four Value Propositions

ORI is committed to taking a more customer-centered approach and has developed four value propositions to accomplish this. We have observed over time that customer's expectations tend to vary by the size of their organizations. By constructing four different value propositions, customers with many diverse needs will find what they want at ORI. Whether they are looking for a used chair in our Clearance Center or a new building from our Integrated Interiors Division, more customers will find the solutions they want.
Our first value proposition (VP1) is "ORI Clearance Center offers used, damaged, discontinued, and a limited selection of new furniture at low price points with instant availability." The capability set to deliver this value proposition is the ORI Clearance Center located at 11165 Bluegrass Industrial Parkway.
The second value proposition (VP2) is "OFUSA provides value priced home office and office furniture solutions supported with a showroom, sales professionals delivery and set-up." The capability set to deliver this value proposition is the OFUSA store located at 822 East Broadway.
The third value proposition (VP3) is the "ORI Contract Division provides knowledge, products, and related services that increase workplace performance." The capability set to deliver this value proposition is ORI's Contract Division located at 816 East Broadway.
ORI's final value proposition (VP4) is "Integrated Interiors provides a range of products to those customers desiring flexible, totally integrated, high performance architectural, furniture and technology solutions." The capability set to deliver this value proposition exists in ORI's Contract Division and strategic alliances with selected vendors.

A New Organizational Structure

By reorganizing in this fashion we will deliver a clear message to our customers. This is not a strategy to be all things to all customers. It is a strategy that will enable us to deliver a specific set of products and services to customers with clearly defined needs. The four value propositions have been developed to serve companies ranging in size from a single person office to the largest company in our market. There are new customers and traditional customers for ORI that will be drawn to the four value propositions. We will introduce ourselves to the new customers in new ways, and we will surprise and delight our traditional customers by giving them a level of service and commitment that our competitors can't. We are changing the game, disrupting the approach that all the others have taken in this market. And we believe this strategy will enable us to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

The Custom Services Department of ORI was created because your company demanded it. You needed more than new office products, more than prompt delivery and professional installation.
You needed special services to help adjust your company's growth - growth that constantly changes your office needs. Our Custom Services Department lets you keep up with these changes through the refurbishment and repair of the furniture you now have. This Department also includes custom laminate manufacturing.

Furniture Refurbishment

ORI has the cost-effective way to give worn, soiled upholstery a brand new look... to update your work environment or create a new one. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics to reupholster seating, vertical panels, tackboards and acoustical panels. And to save time, the reupholstering or repair can even be accomplished on-site.
We can refinish your fine wood piece: older furniture with stains and scratches can be stripped and re-stained.

Upholstery Cleaning and Fabric Protection

Regular cleaning and fabric protection of your reupholstered furniture products will maintain their new appearance and may reduce damage by airborne pollutants.
Normal vacuuming by janitorial services does not remove stains, body oils, grease and food spills that accumulate. The application of fabric protection will resist permanent staining from everyday spills. It will also increase the wear life of fabric. Treated items will look better, clean easier and last longer.
ORI Custom Services Department also provides regularly scheduled and "as needed" maintenance service, including professional upholstery cleaning.


Just because some colors do not happen to be "in", doesn't necessitate buying new furniture. Your existing metal furniture can be quickly - and economically - repainted using an exclusive fast drying electrostatic paint process.

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