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Amish Hills
02-08-2012, 06:27 PM
Amish Hills offers you a wide selection of beautiful solid wood furnishings, handmade by Amish craftsmen. Our furniture is custom built by artisans, one piece at a time, using old world craftsmenship and period styling. These distinctive pieces will last you for generations. Best of all, all of the labor and material used building this furniture comes from right here in the United States of America.
Amish Hills features furniture for the kitchen, dining room, office, bedroom, living room, family room and patio. Since each piece is handcrafted, you have a choice of wood, stain color, hardware, in addition to size modifications.

Amish Hills Fine Handmade Furniture is a family owned and operated business located in Louisville Kentucky. We opened Amish Hills in June 2002 in a small store in the heart of St.Matthews. We quickly outgrew our small shop and after only two years moved to our current location, a much larger 30,000 sq ft store on Breckenridge Lane.
Our decision to open this store began with a quest, much like the one you are on now. The quest for solid wood, high quality, American made furniture in a timeless style. We were quickly discouraged with low quality mass produced imported products made from cheap materials being our only local option. After a long search and much research we were led to the Amish furniture builders of the north east. We are pleased to now offer your family a selection of products built by over 300 independently owned and family run Amish workshops.

The furniture you will find in our store is of a consistant quality that meets our high standards. We believe that furniture should be made with proven joinery techniques and finished with the best available finishes to produce solid wood furniture that will last through the ages. In recent generations that art of true craftsmanship has been cast aside and replaced with mass produced and disposable furniture. We are excited to provide an alternative to this unfortunate modern standard. Our goal is to provide heirloom products that can be passed through generations like the antiques that we have come to treasure.
Our showroom features a vast selection of the many styles and variety of pieces that are available. We encourage you to investigate the furniture that we offer. On any day that you visit our store, you will be eagerly greeted by one of our family or friendly employees. We are always excited to answer any questions relating to the construction or design elements of any piece. We, Jay, Stephanie, and Larry are directly involved with each and every order. We are involved from the start, from helping to find that special piece, choosing the appropriate wood, stain color, hardware, and fabric, and then seeing each order through to it's completion. Each week we drive our truck into Amish country and to the small shops of the craftsmen who build your furniture, pick up and individually wrap each piece with care before bringing it back to Louisville and into your home.

The products and the services that we provide have allowed us to develop a reliable reputation and a loyal customer base. Our customers are proud of their furniture and happily share their experience with the family and friends that they care about most. The is because our furniture in your home makes the everyday tasks of life, like eating a meal or getting ready for work a simple pleasure. You too can take pride in knowing that you have supported local economy, supported a locally owned business and have made a wise purchase that will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.

1001 Breckenridge Lane, Suite 113
Louisville, KY 40207
www.amishhills.com (http://www.amishhills.com)

1001 Breckenridge Lane, Suite 113 Louisville, KY 40207