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03-06-2012, 11:46 AM
Here you will find the #1 way in North America to buy virtually everything for your home. If you are looking for furniture, sporting goods, storage systems, or carpeting, we have it all. When you join DirectBuy you are one of 400,000 members enjoying savings on the brand-name products we offer. Whether you want to shop online from the comfort of your home or visit our convenient and beautiful showroom, you will have exclusive access to hundreds of thousands of quality home products from top-notch manufacturers.Here at DirectBuy of Lancaster, we have been serving our local customers for almost 40 years! In that time, we have been helping people save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on home improvement products, home furnishings, electronics and more. Our service area includes Susquehanna Valley, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Reading, and surrounding areas. Customer Service is our #1 priority. We make every effort to ensure you have a fulfilling and enjoyable shopping experience.

What We Have to Offer

At DirectBuy we offer name-brand products from leading manufacturers at direct insider prices. First of all, this means we carry name-brands on all of your favorite home improvement products. Whether you are looking for sporting goods or fitness equipment, carpeting or luggage, we've got it. Some of our top selling products are kitchen cabinets, flooring and furniture. With a selection of over a million brand-name product SKUs, you are sure to find what you are looking for.
Secondly, we are able to pass direct insider pricing along to our members because we work directly with the manufacturers and their suppliers. This means there are no hidden markups like you would find at retail stores.
You may be building, remodeling, or adding décor and electronics to your home. Whatever your project may be, we can help you turn the ideas you've been dreaming of into reality. You can update your bedroom furniture, remodel your home theatre, or furnish your new deck. Whatever home project you are hoping to carry out, we can assist you in making it happen.

Benefits of a DirectBuy Membership

As a DirectBuy member you will have access to hundreds of thousands of name-brand products for your home for some of the best prices on the market. Retail stores such as home improvement and home furnishing stores, all include exorbitant markups in their prices. These markups are hidden, so as a consumer, it is impossible to determine cost from markup within the total price. Our members save hundreds, even thousands, when shopping with us. This makes us a preferable alternative to any retail shopping experience.
DirectBuy is a true one-stop shopping adventure. You have surely spent full weekends driving from one retail store to another trying to find all the products you need for your current home project. This costs you a lot of extra time and frustration. When you come into our showroom, you will find everything you need in one shopping experience. You can walk through our displays to get ideas on colors, textures, materials, and arrangements. You can browse our extensive manufacturer's library. You can choose from countless samples on anything from window coverings to laminate flooring, then take samples home to consider what will work best in your home.
We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is truly second to none. Once you've chosen to become a member, we know you'll love our selection. Our #1 aim is to ensure you love our service as well. We want you to be a member of DirectBuy of Lancaster for years to come. You'll always be greeted by a friendly and familiar face when you enter our showroom. Our product specialists are always on hand to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. They will gladly give you a tour of the showroom to help you get a sense of all we have to offer and how the showroom is organized. If your preference is to wander about our displays at your own pace, you can do so without any pressure or interruption. Over the years we have come to know our members by name. We know their preferences and styles. Shopping with us is a personal experience, where you are known by name and treated like family.

Getting Started

Visit our website to get a feel for the brand-name products we offer. While there, you can request a free visitor's pass which allows you to peruse the member section of our site as well as our showroom to see what you think. You can also obtain a visitor's pass by requesting one over the phone or at our showroom. We are confident you will like what you see. From that point, it is easy to register as a DirectBuy club member and start enjoying the unparalleled and exclusive savings available to our members.

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Lancaster, PA 17601-6739
www.lancaster.directbuy.com (http://lancaster.directbuy.com/)

1866 Colonial Village Ln Lancaster, PA 17601-6739