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Hunt Country Furniture
03-07-2012, 11:17 AM
Since 1926, the Hunt family of skilled craftsmen have designed and manufactured furniture on the grounds of the Hunt homestead in Wingdale, New York. First, we made it for our neighbors. . . and we're still making it the same way for you. We are proud that the tradition of excellence begun by Lockwood Hunt continues today. . . for it is your guarantee that each piece of furniture you buy from Hunt Country Furniture has been created with the quality of an heirloom and the charm of an antique.

The Hunt collection represents over 78 years of experience in handcrafting wood furniture, characterized by its simple functional design, superb workmanship strength and the warmth of solid woods. Each piece you purchase is crafted to maintain the historic authenticity and beauty of timeless country styles.

Our factory includes facilities for the Hunt retail division and the commercial sales division which serves the restaurant and hospitality industry nationwide. You may rest assured that each piece we sell is still handworked, handcrafted and hand-finished using techniques handed down from our forefathers.
Discover the Hunt tradition for yourself. We're 200 years behind the times - and proud of it!

Rt 202 PO Box 706
Buckingham, PA 18912
www.huntcountryfurniture.com (http://www.huntcountryfurniture.com)

Rt 202 Buckingham, PA 18912