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Baltic Quality
03-29-2011, 05:34 PM
BQC Ltd. or Baltic Quality Commodity is manufacturer of wood raw material furniture grade and supplier of Baltic region commodities. We represent best sources in commodities like timber, food and energy sources. We strive to ensure quality of commodity and meet clients expectations. Our goal is to build bridges of mutually beneficial long lasting relationships. We will help you to deal with Baltic region market and find best solution for your request.

Company has its own sawmill, wood drying kilns and dried wood processing workshop. We produce and could supply timber furniture grade like birch, lime (linden), spruce, pine, oak, beech and other.
Wood could be planed and dried under your specifications. Quality (A/A, A/B).
We could supply transport moisture or dry it till 6-8%.
Packing by Euro standards, could be in polyethylene film.
Also could supply with construction and pallet grade saw timber: spruce, pine; logs, firewood.

Goods Inspection
Export consulting
Export Market Development
Agent-Distributor Selection
International Documentation
Supply Chain Optimization

Mike Tyson
04-25-2011, 01:28 PM
BQC is very good furniture manufacturers and the stylish and quality furniture can BQC will make. I bought one of their article and it is splendid both in design and looks. There is no compromise on quality by them.