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03-12-2012, 06:20 PM
You prefer to use your own tastes, looks, and styles when designing a special place you can call home. You don't live in a narrowly defined category but instead prefer to use a variety of furnishings to express your own individuality. The rigid rules that once defined fashion are passe'. Now you can assemble a room as you want, not as you've been told. Simply submerge yourself into the creative possibilities that await you with our vast selection.

Mix, blend, and coordinate our pieces anyway you wish. Our variety permits you the chance to create that elusive look you've been trying to build.

350 Malvern Ave
Phone: 501-624-7173
Phone: 501-922-2252
Fax: 501-624-7511
Hot Springs, AR 71901

800 Hobson Ave
Phone: 501-623-8822,
Hot Springs, AR 71913
www.garythorsonfurniture.com (http://www.garythorsonfurniture.com)

350 Malvern Ave Hot Springs, AR 71901