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National Hotel Liquidators
03-15-2012, 12:02 PM
National Hotel Liquidators was founded February 26, 1996 by Tom Scholet. Original location: 900 East 104th Ave. Thornton, Colorado.

For the past 7 years, commercial sales have been the focus for both services and product. Our services include liquidating, installing, appraising, loading and packing, storage, delivery and distribution. Our products include everything you can imagine coming out of a hotel (except the people of course). That includes the obvious room furniture, but also bed spreads, pillows, draperies, carpet, bath fixtures, doors, locks, telephones, soap, and beautiful antiques. It includes banquet items: tables, chairs, dishes, white boards, ball room carpet, chandeliers, etc.; and common area furniture from lobbies and restaurants, to meeting rooms. We even liquidate patio furniture and maidís carts.

We have serviced over 500 hotels in the past 13 years; from Santa Rosa, California to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Not all have been large like the 1,226 room Sheraton (2008-2009) right here in Denver, or as upscale as the Brown Palace or the Ritz Carlton in Bachelorís Gulch, Colorado, but they are all interesting.
January, 2009 we opened a second store at 300 West 53rd Place as more of a commercial showroom. We try to keep the unique pieces at the original 44,000 square foot location (900 East 104th, in Thornton) so that would be the best bet for the retail customerÖbut our commercial customers love to go there too! As liquidators we have a very good reputation in a very tough industry.

We show up; on time, prepped and ready to do the job, and then we do the job. We have never been asked to leave because of something we did or did not do. We have never not completed a job that we have started. We treat our customers with respect and integrity. We have an incredibly good team who takes pride in its work. We are green. We are all becoming better people by working for National Hotel Liquidators; something that we can feel and see on a daily basis.

900 E 104th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233
www.nhlfurniture.com (http://www.nhlfurniture.com)

900 E 104th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233