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03-20-2012, 09:45 AM
After 13 years in the retail arena, Apartment Zero has changed its focus and has now become a contract furniture dealer, representing over 75 lines directly to the trade. In addition, we offer residential and commercial interior design services. Please click on our Collection Section to see a list of vendors we represent and contact us at info@apartmentzero.com for pricing and lead time information. While we transition into the next phase of our business, we will continue to take any new orders. For information about our interior design services or sales to the trade, please contact Douglas Burton at douglas@apartmentzero.com. We look forward to working with you in 2012! Thank you.

In 1999, Apartment Zero captured the attention of design enthusiasts nationwide by pushing the boundaries of industrial design and locating its business in the heart of the nationís capital. Partners, Douglas Burton and Christopher Ralston, quickly became Washington DCís leading resource for cutting-edge contemporary design by providing area residents with international objects never before seen in the region. Their large selection of well-edited products represented industrial design innovations, new materials and developing technologies for over 10 years. Apartment Zero marketed quality products to design savvy consumers who appreciate style in all its forms while quickly becoming a contemporary cultural center for the community as well as a destination for design education and incubation.

In a city where Corinthian columns are still the order of the day, the owners of Apartment Zero now offer a refreshing alternative. The store, the public programs series and most recently the design studio have all become champions of the contemporary movement both through the products they represent, as well as through the support they give to talented contemporary designers. Christopher and Douglas encourage young artists who have the vision to create the products of the future today, and showcase their wares through exhibits and special events in venues as varied as embassies, museums, universities and cultural institutions. Working as a gallery, as well as a retail space, Apartment Zero is committed to presenting the work of the up-and-coming with the same enthusiasm bestowed upon their network of renowned contemporary designers from around the globe.

Now in its 11 year, Apartment Zero has reinvented itself again by concentrating its efforts in a new direction. Continuing its public program series and exhibition schedule, Apartment Zero will curate and produce travelling exhibitions covering industrial design innovations up to 3 times a year. Gearing up for an exciting future, Apartment Zero will now represent over 100 product lines to architects and interior designers in the trade. They will also continue their residential and commercial interior design services and have recently brought on board a new team of experts to assist them in this endeavor.

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