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DELANO’S Home Furnishing
03-26-2012, 05:33 PM
Fine furniture is our main focus here at Delano’s Home Furnishing, where we carry a wide selection of country and contemporary furnishings. You don't have to spend a king's ransom to make your home your castle, just come to us. We believe you'll find that we have the lowest prices around. Our low overhead and over 40 years of experience
make Delano’s Home Furnishing the low cost leader in quality furniture.

Don't let our name fool you — Delano’s Home Furnishing is your best source for affordable furniture of all kinds.
Since we opened our doors in 1972, we've been building up our expertise so we can offer our customers in
West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia with the best home furnishings available.

Call on us today to speak with an experienced decorator who can help you fill and customize your home, transforming it into the warm, inviting place you've always wanted it to be.

Delano's is always your lowest cost and highest quality furniture store, now is your opportunity to save even more!

204 W. State Avenue
Terra Alta, WV 26764
Phone: 304-789-6377
www.delanosfurnituresales.com (http://www.delanosfurnituresales.com)

204 W. State Avenue Terra Alta, WV 26764