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06-20-2012, 07:01 PM
Using redwood brings to your home the classic and natural beauty of this versatile wood. Using redwood decking, redwood fencing and/or redwood arbors or gazebos will intensify the warm feel of your new outdoor living spaces.

Using genuine redwood decking is not only affordable, but the warmth and rich luxury of redwood will add value to your home. You can create some of life's most precious moments while surrounded by the wonderful feel and smell of redwood.

Redwood decking or redwood lumber is one of the greenest building materials available on earth partly due to its remarkably energy efficiency.

While the energy to produce composites, plastics or concrete come from the burning of fossil fuels (which increase greenhouse gas emissions), the energy used to produce redwood comes directly from our sun. The cleanest source available of energy is unfiltered solar energy, and redwood trees are very efficient at taking that solar energy and converting it into this durable, versatile and beautiful wood. It is then make into redwood decking and other redwood products.

When redwood lumber is converted at the mills into redwood decking, other redwood by products are produced such as bark, sawdust and scraps. These are collected and used in the production of clean energy. Sawmills are able to use this biomass energy to power the mill operations and send any excess electricity generated back into the state's power grid. This increases redwood's energy efficiency to a level that man made materials can never reach.

Redwood Decking Quality
Redwood decking, fences and gazebos are as reliable as they are beautiful. Redwood stays flat and straight, and maintains applied finishes longer than other woods. Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to decay and insects and it does not have the toxic chemicals found in treated woods. Decks built with redwood decking looks better, lasts longer and is less expensive than many would think..

Redwood provides toxic free, safe surfaces for sunbathing and cookouts because is has no toxic chemicals. Chemical treatment acts as protection to the outside of the wood only. The natural decay resistence of redwood heartwood is persistent throughout the wood thus protecting nail or screw holes and sawn ends.

Value and Performance of Redwood Decking
Redwood decking is ideal for new homes will provides the best performance and value available. People are frequently surprised to find out just how affordable quality redwood decking is. Don't be fooled though, redwood is an equally fine choice for fences and other outdoor projects.

Low Maintenance
Redwood decking and other redwood products weather beautifully. With correct installation, redwood decks, fences, benches and gazebos will give lasting enjoyment for many years.

Fasteners for Redwood
We strongly recommend that you use either stainless steel fasteners, aluminum or top quality, hot-dipped galvanized fasteners. Pre-drill your nail holes at the board ends to prevent them from splitting. Drive your nails in at an angle for best gripping. Use a nail as a spacer between deck boards.

Finishes for Redwood
For the best long term performance, all redwood outdoor projects should have a finish applied to them. Brush application is the recommended method. If left unfinished, redwood will gradually fade to a gray color. We recommend Cabot and Penofin stains be used.

07-25-2012, 06:10 AM
Redwood provides toxic free, safe surfaces for sunbathing and cookouts because is has no toxic chemicals. So, thats why we use that.