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Yusuf Diharnanto
09-09-2012, 01:09 AM
Hallo.. !

We are a well-established manufacturer of quality teak home and garden furniture, situated in Jepara, Centra Java, Indonesia. We have been in furniture business since 1998 with a good local and worldwide reputation. Enclosed the link below our company short presentation as for your preview :


And for more details, kindly please visit our website, http://www.mitafurniture.com (http://www.mitafurniture.com/). A.F.Y.I. we are selling our products whether from our existed products as shown in our website, or custom products which of the designs provided by our customers, and also we deal with Hotel and other commercial projects.

Currently, we have been shipping containers of our products to ; Belgium and Netherland, for the successful years, in a very good business relationship, and as in order to expand our export market and services, we welcome new customers and we welcome you.

We are now in the process in working on a TFT order from a TFT’s member, the first shipment is scheduled on November 2nd, 2012 and, we are heading for SVLK and FSC certified in the coming year 2013 as our responsibility to get actively involved in the forest and the nature preservation.

Please, take this thread as a friendly invitation for a new business relation establishment. You are welcome to visit our Factory in Indonesia to see us more, your accommodation during your visit will be our responsible.

See you soon..
www.mitafurniture.com (http://www.mitafurniture.com)