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09-10-2012, 01:37 PM
We are proudly selling Genuine swiss hss tersa knives for woodworking at cheapest prices. These tersa knives are manufactured according to highest standards and made up of High Tungsten. These hss knives are made for professionals. SCM, Rojek,Wadkin, Axminster,Weing, Sedgwick machines.

Please see listing for below for these swiss tersa knives along with prices details.

Tersa HSS 110mm Knife - 4.94 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss/tersa-hss-110mm-knife.html)

Tersa HSS 115mm Knife - 5.08 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss/tersa-hss-115mm-knife.html)

Tersa HSS 130mm Knife - 4.53 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss/tersa-hss-130mm-knife.html)

Tersa HSS 135mm Knife - 4.90 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss/tersa-hss-135mm-knife.html)

Tersa HSS 150mm Knife - 5.40 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss/tersa-hss-150mm-knife.html)

Tersa HSS 180mm Knife - 5.60 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss/tersa-hss-180mm-knife.html)

For complete range and product details visit Swiss Tersa Hss Blades (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-hss.html)

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