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09-27-2012, 03:48 PM
Woodford tooling is largest importer and distributor for old and new woodworking machines, We have a wide range of Profile Scribers on our online store, if any profile scriber is not available at our online store, just let us know we will make it available for you asap.

Follow profile scribers are available at our webstore;

Bevel Combination set (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/profile-scribers.html)

Product Description:
The classic method of producing cabinet panelled door and drawer fronts is made easy with these Profile Scriber sets. With the combination type, components are re-arranged on the arbor to cut the profile or the scribe. * Cuts both parts of the joint by reassembly of the tool. * Router table use only. 1/4 inch and 8mm shanks should only be used with a medium or heavy duty router. For certain routers the aperture in the base may need to be enlarged. A workholding device should be used when cutting the scribe cut on the rail ends. The cutting edges should be staggered to each other.


Profile scriber raised bevel - 56.95 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/631/s/profile-scriber-raised-bevel/category/237/)

Bevel Easyset (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/profile-scribers.html)

Easyset profile scribe bevel 10 degree -
(http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/633/s/easyset-profile-scribe-bevel-10-degree/category/237/) 80.14

Flat Classic Combination set (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/profile-scribers.html)


Profile scriber flat classic set - 56.95 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/636/s/profile-scriber-flat-classic-set/category/237/)

Ogee Combination Set (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/profile-scribers.html)

Profile scriber ogee set radius 4mm - 56.95 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/638/s/profile-scriber-ogee-set-radius-4mm/category/237/)


Ogee Easyset (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/profile-scribers.html)


Ogee profile scriber set - 80.14 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/641/s/ogee-profile-scriber-set/category/237/)

We also sell Old woodworking machines (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/), Woodford Tooling also accept international orders, it is requested customers placing orders outside of UK please call us for deliver and payment options prior to placing order online.

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