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09-29-2012, 01:40 PM
Woodford woodworking is the registered supplier for woodworking tools and machines in England and Wales. Weatherseal Cutters are also availalbe at our online webstore; and we supply these Weatherseal Cutters to all retailers, whole sellers, woodworking workshops and distributors.
Following Weatherseal Cutters (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/weatherseal-cutters.html) are available at our online store.

Aquamac 21 Recesser (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/weatherseal-cutters.html)
Recessing cutter will accommodate the Schlegel Aquamac 21 or Exitex Aquatex A10 seal. This cutter is designed for use with the seal in a wiping mode and comes complete with a guide bearing to reduce setting-up time and simplify machining operations.


Aquamac 21 Recesser 46.3 mm diameter - 59.60 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/664/s/aquamac-21-recesser-46-3-mm-diameter/category/254/)

Aquamac 63 Recesser (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/weatherseal-cutters.html)

Aquamac 63 Recesser 41.3mm diameter - 59.60 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/weatherseal-cutters.html)

Bearing Guided Weatherseals Recesser (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/craftpro-router-cutters/weatherseal-cutters.html)

Weatherseal groover 2X 7 x 36mm diameter - 41.71 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/666/s/weatherseal-groover-2x-7-x-36mm-diameter/category/254/)

Weatherseal groover 2.5 X 7X 36mm diameter - 41.71 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/667/s/weatherseal-groover-2-5-x-7x-36mm-diameter/category/254/)

Weatherseal groover 2.8 X 7X 36mm diameter - 41.71 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/668/s/weatherseal-groover-2-8-x-7x-36mm-diameter/category/254/)

Weatherseal groover 3 x 7 X 36mm diameter - 41.71 (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/catalog/product/view/id/669/s/weatherseal-groover-3-x-7-x-36mm-diameter/category/254/)

We also supply Used wood working machinery (http://www.woodfordtooling.com/), People placing orders outside of UK and Ireland can call us directly prior to placing an order online for more delivery and payment options.

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