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04-09-2011, 05:02 PM
Polywood Furniture (http://www.ultimateoutdoorfurniture.com/) is weather-resistant, attractive and affordable outdoor patio furniture. All of our patio furniture from POLYWOOD is made of 100% recycled plastic material and is proudly manufactured in the USA. You can easily find the perfect furniture for your needs.
Features of POLYWOOD outdoor furniture:

EcoFriendly: Made from Recycled plastic and 100% Recyclable!
Made to withstand a range of climates including hot sun, cold winters, and salty coastal air
Made in the USA
Fade resistant colors permeate each board
Suitable for both residential (5yr Warranty) and commercial (1yr Warranty) use
Stainless steel hardware
Ships knocked down, with easy assembly

The PolyWood Lumber is unaffected by the sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, saltwater, chlorine and mildew. The properties of the Polywood keeps the color from fading and is heavy duty to keep patio furniture on the patio during a strong storm. Poly-wood is nonporous so your Polywood Furniture can be left out all year long, no matter what climate you live in. Easy care can be achieved with soap and water which will keep it clean and ready for use for years to come!

We also have Polywood Chairs (http://www.ultimateoutdoorfurniture.com) and Polywood Tables (http://www.ultimateoutdoorfurniture.com)