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01-03-2014, 01:16 PM
Lalson Reamer having virtually parallel cutting edges, with taper & bevel lead integral with parallel shank of the nominal diameter of cutting edges, and with a driving square on the end of the shank. Lalson Tools Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Gear Hobs, Side and Face Cutters Staggered Teeth Type 'A' Chain Sprocket Hobs, Involute Spline Hobs, Straight Sided Spline Hobs, Worm Wheel Hobs and Inserted Blade Gear Hobs.

Counter Bore Taper Shank (http://www.lalsoncuttingtools.com/product/Counter-Bore-Taper-Shank/49)
Side and Face Cutters Staggered Teeth Type 'A' (http://www.lalsoncuttingtools.com/product/Side-and-Face-Cutters-Staggered-Teeth-Type-%27A%27/22)
Circular Segmental Saws & Spare Segments (http://www.lalsoncuttingtools.com/product/Circular-Segmental-Saws-&-Spare-Segments/23)

06-04-2014, 05:08 AM
A gear cutting CNC machine marks the pinnacle of automated technology which cuts gears in specific shapes and sizes as per the demands of the industry.

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Chain Sprocket Hobs (http://www.supercuttingtools.com/chain.php)

Gear Deburring Cutters (http://www.supercuttingtools.com/gear_deburring.php)

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