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Bath and Kitchen Town
06-02-2011, 08:34 PM
Designer: Domenico Paolucci
Integra is a new kitchen model coming from far-eastern cultures rich in mental and formal rigor this kitchen project meets the western culture expressing itself through uncommon proportions, precious finished and essential colors. Essential design, high technology, maximum flexibility and alternative solutions assure efficiency and quality of life creating multifunctional spaces, point of contact for different house demands. The wide and rich choice of materials perfectly matches from a visual and tactile point of view.

The main body for this model can be only in dark grey of depth 615 mm.
Integra has 3 different kinds of doors, all of them are 22 mm thick.

oak veneered door, either with frame or smooth in 4 wood finishing; silver, natural, dark brown, grey;
lacquered door in 3 finishing mat, glossy and microshere in various colors;
glass door either in aluminum or wooden frame; glass is possible of four colors.

The feature of Integra is also its unique combination of materials. Natural oak, grey oak, white silk-screened glass and cristalan work tops are only some of the options.
The choice of countertops is very rich both in color and material range:

cristalan in 6 variants;
unicolor laminate of many variants with different borders;
stainless steel either with wooden trim or without it;

The individuality of Integra is characterized by the thickness of the finishes and stainless steel counter tops with flush mounted and integrated hobs.
This model can go with the handles of satinated and burnished aluminum or without handle. Groove of satinated aluminum channeling between the base units and the worktop replaces the handles and allows the opening of the doors
Technical innovation is demonstrated through attention to detail. Tall units with Pegaso system opening, pivoting wall units with feature lights and illuminated breakfast bars create warmth and ambience. The various internal and external accessories solve usage demands.

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Morty Jarrett
08-30-2011, 02:54 AM
The best way to buy furniture is to shop around at local furniture stores because you'll never know what kind of deal you may find. I would personally recommend a pedestal table with a glass top and some uphostered chairs.