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06-02-2011, 08:38 PM
The kitchen environment is considered as an ideal meeting point between design and use of natural materials. The modules can be combined in different arrangements and with accessories suitable for different spaces and operating requirements of the user.

For countertops a wide range of material options is possible:
- granite
- agglomerate
- stainless steel
- laminate
- “unicolor”

The doors can be:
- plain
- framed glass
- steel
The doors with cherry or maple wood-effect finishing can be combined with 18 lacquered colours. Wood is used to enhance the body and the front of the units, achieving an original contrast with the lacquered shades of the other elements.

Mixer 2000 features a lot of multifunctional elements and hides little tricks to get the most of your kitchen:
- the light holding bar can be used as a support for other accessories.
- at the side, the wood panels can be equipped with glass shelves and accessories in satin-aluminium
- the neon light fitting is elegantly hidden by a special light-covering cornice in the same colour as the body of the hanging unit
- the light points are arranged so that they illuminate the work surfaces and the cooking area while remaining hidden from the view
- the bottom of the fully extractable drawer is covered by the slip-proof mat.

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