View Full Version : What is "Skirted Toilet" ?

home improvement guy
02-09-2015, 12:51 PM
A skirted toilet is similar to a concealed trapway toilet, and to help understand this, we'll start with the basics.

Standard toilets have what is called an exposed trapway, because you can actually see the built-in outline of the toilet bowl and the trapway.

Now, if you're looking to make the job of cleaning your toilet bowl a little easier, you can move up to a concealed trapway toilet. Concealed trapway toilets feature smooth sides in back of the bowl, and the outline of the trap and trap drain are now hidden.

A skirted toilet bowl takes this design feature a step further and offers a continuous clean-looking smooth surface from the front of the bowl to the back of the bowl. Hence the name, because now the bowl can be thought of as being completely skirted.

Keep in mind that skirted toilet bowl prices and installation costs can be higher. But, with perfectly smooth sides, a skirted toilet bowl can do double duty because it's easy to clean and adds design style to your bathroom.


Skirted Toilet