View Full Version : Different faucets for different jobs

Karen A
10-25-2016, 08:25 AM
We are in the process of a major kitchen remodel that will include an island with a bar sink.

I want the kitchen sink faucet to perfectly match the bar sink faucet.

Can I just buy two of the same kitchen sink faucets and install one on the kitchen sink and one on the bar sink?

home improvement guy
10-25-2016, 09:10 AM
Just like dress shoes and sneakers are both considered footwear products, both are better suited for different applications. Faucets are the same way.

For a kitchen sink, you want a faucet that is big and made for heavy work use, plus has a longer spout to reach every area of the sink.

Bar sinks are smaller sinks made for entertaining. The ideal bar faucet is compact with a shorter reaching spout that helps contain the water in the smaller sink area.

Even if you can fit a kitchen faucet on a bar sink, it's like jogging in your dress shoes. You want to use the right product for the right application.

I suggest you look into faucet families. Faucet families are different faucets that are designed to match each other, even though they are different types of faucets. By keeping it in the family, everything will look right at home in your new kitchen.