View Full Version : How To Move Your Home Office Outside?

11-13-2021, 05:21 AM
Have you ever felt the pain of working inside the office when the weather outside is too good, and you can’t do anything except regret it? All of us go through the same emotions every time. But what if you move the office outside? Well, you heard it right.

Outdoor workstations help employees with both working and enjoying the weather. It is becoming a new trend, especially with the recent boost in remote working. Most office product manufacturers are even offering wood pods that can be used as an office. You can place these pods in the garden, backyard, and even rooftop and build your outdoor workstation. In the paragraphs below, we will tell you how to move your home office outside.

1. Select Location: Reduce Glare

The right choice of location is highly important for the outside office. When direct sunlight hits the laptop, the screen becomes difficult to see due to glare. It can also cause headaches and eyestrain. Ultimately, this affects the productivity of employees. That’s why the right choice of location is crucial here. Make sure to select a spot with sufficient shade. However, if you are using a work pod (https://www.autonomous.ai/pods/autonomous-work-pod), then shade won’t be an issue. Besides, consider the connectivity issues too. Select a location where you can conveniently adjust your power plugs, etc. Having a good Wi-Fi connection is also very important here.

2. Moving Items

Once you select the right location, the next task is to move items. If you already have an indoor office setup, then moving items may not be much difficult. Also, you can use a serving tray, etc., to move items seamlessly. Fill up your bags one by one. We recommend you move a few items, adjust them to their desired locations, and then bring up the next batch.
If you are setting a work pod, then moving items will be a one-time thing. However, for the commuters, it can be problematic. So, try to find out a good solution here. Only take out necessary items.

3. Make It Comfortable

Comfort should be your priority here. Higher comfort comes from a better desk and chair. So, choose your seating accordingly. Plus, it also lowers physical concerns like shoulder, back, and neck pain, etc. If you don’t have enough budget to support new furniture, then use cushions, lumbar support pillows, and other similar items.

4. Self-Protection

In an outdoor computer workstation, self-protection is a real challenge because you will find plenty of mosquitos, insects, stray cats, squirrels, and chatty birds, etc. We suggest you set up a house fan, apply insect and mosquito repellents and sunscreen, use a Bluetooth speaker and wear headphones with noise-canceling structure, and if needed, take other precautions too. Make sure to stay protected.

So, follow these simple outdoor workstation moving tips for having a good home office outside. With these techniques and suggestions, you will surely work productively outdoors without facing any distractions. Set up your workstation outside and have a good and happy remote work!