View Full Version : Garden gym shed ideas for a healthy lifestyle

02-09-2022, 10:36 AM
Do you want to start a gym at home? Here we have a few garden gym shed ideas that you can take into account. If you already have a shed or plan to get one, you can consider turning it into a gym so you can have a dedicated and quiet space for working out.
Exercise is associated with tons of benefits, including mental health and physical wellbeing improvements. That's why experts recommend having between 75 and 150 minutes of exercise weekly, based on the intensity of the exercises.
If you already have your fitness goals in mind, here we have some garden gym shed ideas to start building a gym at home.

1. What shed to use and what size it should be
You can find different types of sheds out there, all of them in different sizes. Since this is a place where you’ll perform physical activity daily, it is important to make sure that the base of the shed is quite sturdy. Thus, it is recommended to use large log cabins for a garden gym idea.
As for the size, it depends on what exercises you want to do. For instance, if all you want is an exercise bicycle, a few weights and a rowing machine, then about 18x10 feet should be enough. This space will also leave you some extra space if you want to add a few other accessories. Either way, remember that the size is up to your preferences and standards.
Once done, you can start thinking about where to place your shed gym. Make sure to choose a suitable base for it to sit on.

2. Use the right flooring
You can find many garden gym shed ideas out there. However, more than just equipment, choosing appropriate flooring for physical activity is also necessary. You can choose rubber, for instance, since it is extremely resistant to impact and allows you to perform different exercises and all kinds of physical activities without breaking.

3. Insulation and Ventilation
Insulation will help you maintain your gym shed (https://www.autonomous.ai/ourblog/turn-a-garden-shed-into-a-gym) at a regular temperature so you can be cooler during the summer or warmer during the winter, for example. It is an essential aspect of the shed as it allows your body to be at a comfortable temperature without putting extra stress on your lungs.
On the other hand, it is crucial to make sure that your shed has appropriate ventilation. Again, this space is for working out, which means that you need to breathe appropriately. Good ventilation ensures you have better air quality.

4. Add your desired equipment plus storage units
You’ll want to keep your home gym organized. So, besides your gym gadgets, you should also include storage units where you’ll keep all your stuff while you’re not working out.

5. Plan your shed and create it
At this point, you probably already know what you want for your shed gym. Thus, the last step includes adding electricity and planning it. Remember to add enough security so you can leave your equipment there without worries.