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12-07-2011, 12:03 PM
JAGORTA is a paneled product that has a veneered surface on a water-clean material.
The homogeneous unit of veneer, acryl, and the passing of light through the layers are ensured by a veneer and adhesive specially developed for this technology.
The light transmission of the material is even, on the whole surface of the panel. When lit the veneer structure creates beautiful and natural patterns on the surface.
The 2000mmx1000mm size panels can be ordered with a thickness of 4mm.
Jagorta's light transmitting veneered material is suggested to be used indoors.
For Jagorta, light transmission does not mean a wood surface that illuminates like a lamp.

Basically, with LED technology the backlit panel gives an innovative presence to the veneered surface by highlighting the natural characteristic on the front surface of the veneers. Further design options are available for example, both sides of the veneer can present information signs or unique designs created by means of CNC-milling.
Depending on the lighting conditions in the room, the transmitting veneered surfaces rate of the light transmission can be presented in a powerful or less pronounced matter.
Jagorta light transmitting veneered surfaces will become the ornaments of the dreamt indoor premises that have variable light conditions or no natural light.
Jagorta light transmitting veneered material is made of several veneered surfaces.

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