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Sarasota Rockers Rocking Chairs

  1. How the rocking chairs are made

    Once I have determined the type and color of wood or woods that I need for a rocking chair I set out to find just the right matched boards. It is essential that boards be matched for grain and color to achieve the product I make. Sometimes I have the wood you would like in stock, at others, I must travel out of state and closer to timber coutnry to find the exact wood. Having found the right wood for your rocking chair I begin the process of laying out how the various boards will work together to ...
  2. ROCKING CHAIRS by Parker Converse

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ID:	1796Making rocking chairs is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. For me it is the pinnacle of woodworking as virtually every piece is curved or sculpted. Unlike most of my earlier work that was in straight planes like tables and cabinetry designed to place flat bottomed items in or on, good rocking chairs are designed to accomodate an exceptionally complex object, ie. the human body. Further complicating this issue is that every body, is different. When I first ...