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Woodland Creek Furniture

  1. Farmhouse tables are made from real wood, not synthetics

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    What kind of tables do you have in your home? There is the one you bought at the garage sale down the street. It was light weight, cheap and you thought you got a good deal until the veneer started to pull away from the frame. How about the kitchen table, the salesman said it was made of real wood. What he failed to mention was it was made out of particle board. That’s real wood, right?

    Let’s get serious; you are finally at a time in your ...
  2. Farm Table Dining is an Authentic American Custom

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    Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons and other historical television series showed them. Movies by the dozens; The Patriot, Dances with Wolfs and The Alamo used them to create an historical atmosphere. Nearly every American home has a place for one. Even the Simpson’s have one. At one time or another every citizen of these United States has sat down to a Farm Table dining experience.

    Unless you live and breathe American history you really ...
  3. For True Americana in your Home you need Rustic Furniture

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    Think of a style of furniture and what the first thing that comes to mind is. Let’s start with French provincial…. Marie Antoinette. Retro….50’s soda shop; Art Deco….South Beach, and Baroque…..well, broke. I admit I don’t know much about that style. There is one style of furniture I am familiar with, rustic furniture. This style has depth of character; that is uniquely Americana. It is a mix of Betsy Ross, Abe Lincoln, and Wyatt Earp and a time when ...
  4. Why Farmhouse Kitchen Tables Last Longer

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    When I think back to the type of kitchen table my family grew up with my stomach gets tied up in knots. If you grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s you will remember them well. Some people like to think of them as ‘Retro’. You know the kind, chrome plated, ugly heavy gauge tubular steel and the crowning disaster was the high pressure laminate tops. People who have this type of furniture say that it gives an old room a new personality. I think not. ...