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  1. You Can Still Find a Good Two-Sided Mattress

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    Do they still make two sided mattresses?

    The answer is yes; it was commonly thought that a two-sided mattress was a thing of the past.

    Thanks to manufacturers like King Koil, Symbol, Campbell Mattress Company and Englander you can once again discover the benefits attained from the hard to find two sided bed.

    Now that double sided mattresses are back on the market, the people who loved them once again have an alternative ...
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  2. Are Two Sided Mattresses Better Than One Sided No Flips?

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    This may be the most frequent question we are asked, Are Two Sided Mattresses Better Than One Sided No Flips” ?

    Besides do they still make two side mattresses? The reasoning is that today’s mattress owners and shoppers are extremely concerned about growing industry problems that do not seem to be getting any better. The two primary issues are mattresses that lose their original shape leaving body impressions and the untimely result of premature wear ...
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  3. Top Ten Benefits of Memory Foam

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ID:	22391.Memory Foam Mattresses are comfortable.

    When you first lay on this mattress, you will know you are lying on something unique. Memory foam has a unique feel that initially feels like laying in thick mud or quick sand. Unexpectedly you feel the mattress contour and support your body like it has never been supported before.

    2.Memory Foam Beds last a long time.

    Visco elastic foam was engineered by NASA and was perfected by Swedish ...
  4. Top Ten Problems With Memory Foam

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ID:	22371.Memory foam mattresses smell

    This can be true especially with a new mattress out of the bag. Visco Elastic Memory foam does have a period of off gassing. This odor in most cases dissipates quickly in usually days or weeks. Simply airing out will speed up the process. There are extreme cases where a customer’s sensitivity requires a mattress exchange. Most people expect new products just like a new car to have an odor they are not used too.