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  1. Bookcases: They’re Not Just for Books!

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    When you do put your books on a shelf, try not to be too uniform. Instinct may tell you to arrange books by size but it’s much more visually interesting if you mix it up a bit – not only by size but by color, texture and age as well. It’s OK to put your faded classic novels next to your book of contemporary art with the bright, shiny dust jacket.

    Here are just a few ideas for making your bookcase into a statement:

    You can also use small ...
  2. Modern American Furniture on Sale

    We have three new American made furniture collections at Vermont Woods Studios and we're celebrating finally getting these up and running on our website with a big 15% off sale. These collections:
    Modern American Furniture
    Modern Shaker Furniture and
    Contemporary Craftsman Furniture
    are all handmade in Burlington, Vermont at a small workshop that's been focusing on simplicity ...