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Pierre Cruise

  1. Odd Things Some People do with Cement

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    Cement and concrete is so underappreciated that at the mention of them, all we can think of is construction sites and mixing trucks. Some people on the other hand sees cement as an opportunity to do odd and sometimes dangerous things. Here are some odd stuff people have done with cement.

    Parking Stop Theft: Parking stops are those little ankle high quadrilateral bumps made of nothing but concrete you see in parking lots. Used primarily to tell the ...
  2. How to Child-Proof Your Patio and Deck

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    Your patio is there for everyone to enjoy, from the grandparents to the little kids. Think about it: everyone is outside on a warm day; the adults are lazing around, while the kids are playing. However, if you constantly worry that your child might have an accident because of all the knick-knacks on your patio and deck, then you are not maximizing your outdoor refuge.

    Here are five ways to child proof your patio and deck, so that the little ones can ...
  3. Google Sketch Up Tips for Noobs and Geeks

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    Designing 3D objects can be fun, especially when using SketchUp. With its easy-to-use functions and features, almost everybody – from newbie folks to the most advanced designers – can use SketchUp to create and share designs. From chairs to desks to outdoor objects and buildings, SketchUp is well-equipped to design them

    And wouldn’t it be a lot more fun if you learn a new thing or two to help you with your work flow? That’s where this article comes ...
  4. 9 Highly-recommended Brands of Furniture

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    If you’re planning to invest in furniture, you must focus on the quality of materials and the style. These two factors in furniture purchases will make a huge difference between furniture that would last for a lifetime and furniture that would end up in the storage or in a garage sale after a few years.

    Investing in furniture requires your own good taste and judgment. It helps to look around and conduct an initial canvas of the furniture brands ...
  5. How to Design a Vintage Bedroom on a Budget

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    It might sound unbelievable, but the charming and sometimes luxurious look of a vintage-themed room can be recreated even on a constricted budget. All it takes is a bit of creativity and the desire for beauty that can’t be limited by any amount of money. You might even be surprised at how much tips as simple as the following can do magic.

    1. Hunt for bargains in garage sales or flea markets.

    They may not sound glamorous, but plenty ...
    Bedroom , Home Decor
  6. How To Clean Your Garden Fish Pond

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    A fish pond is a great addition to your garden. For one, it serves as a source of relaxation because of the water element. It also ties everything in your garden to form the perfect nature spot right at the comfort of your own home.

    If you are a current pond owner, you know what I am talking about. You probably have more to add, since you get to experience the benefits of having your own pond everyday. The delights of having your personal little slice ...
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