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  1. Does Roof Color Matter?

    The color of a roof may not be something that immediately grabs your attention. However, roof color affects your home and matters in ways you may not have considered.

    Roof Color Affects the Temperature in Your Home

    Color affects the temperature of any object. It’s not just in roofs. When it comes to roofs, the temperature inside your home may be impacted by its color.

    Generally, lighter colors reflect the heat from the sun while darker colors absorb it. It ...
  2. Why Choose Terracotta Tiles?

    Choosing roofing tiles for your home is a matter of knowing what style and quality you want. Terracotta tiles, also known as ceramic shingles, are popular because of their natural, earthy appeal and their durability. Installing terracotta tiles can add that additional charm and texture to your home.

    What are terracotta tiles?

    Terracotta, which literally means “cooked earth,” is a type of ceramic made from natural clay fired in a kiln. This tile is usually left unglazed, ...
  3. Bathroom Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

    The bathroom is now becoming more than a place for hygiene. It has evolved to a space for me-time, relaxation, and beauty rituals. It is just natural for bathroom trends to evolve with the shift. Bathroom décors and furnishings have changed and evolved.

    Thinking of renovating your bathroom or in the process of building your home? Here are some bathroom trends to try this 2018.

    Lifestyle Bathroom

    The bathroom is more than a practical room for cleaning up. It ...
  4. Home Buying Tips: What to Look for in a Roof

    When people go house hunting, they usually focus on the rooms, kitchen, and yard but forget to check what's on top protecting everything inside. The roof is not only an important part of a home but one of its most expensive components. Any future issues with the roof structure can cost you thousands of dollars.

    Here is a short guide on what to look for in a roof when buying a house.

    • Roof exterior

    Stand across the street and give the roof a quick look. ...
  5. How to Treat Bed Bugs Properly

    The common bed bug feeds on blood, and can cause itchy and irritating bites on its human host. Although a pest, it is not known to spread diseases. However, it can cause some other health issues, so it is important to spot and treat an infestation as quickly as possible.
    There is no quick fix to treating a bed bug infestation. The first step in effective prevention and control is reliable and solid knowledge on how to control them.

    How to Spot a Bed Bug Infestation
    Pest Control
  6. Energy and Money Saving Tips During the Fall

    It is time to say goodbye to the warm summer and say hello to the cold fall and even colder winter. Every year, the cold drives people nuts and makes them turn up their heaters at home. This, of course, causes their electricity bill to skyrocket.

    Wanting to keep warm during these cold days should not leave you broke. Here are energy and money saving tips for you during the fall season.

    Dress for the cold weather.

    For this season, you must resist the urge of ...
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