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  1. Prints, Posters and Pinups: Hanging Solutions for Damage-Free Displaying

    Interior design is a thorn in the side of those who want their place to look great but donít want to spend the time and money to do it. Moreover, hanging, banging, and arranging will damages walls, which is an unfortunate occurrence for those who are renting or donít want to invest in later renovations. Below, find crafty ideas for damage-free hanging.

    Second Hand

    Itís great to have another set of hands when youíre decorating, but itís even better to purchase second-hand ...
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  2. Using wood in home designs

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    Many people looking to furnish their homes are drawn to wooden furniture for its versatility and naturally attractive qualities. Itís a warm material in comparison to metal or glass, and because it has the look and feel of a living thing, wood has far more character than plain plastic. This organic element gives each item a rustic feel that perfectly suits even the most contemporary of properties. However, not all timber used in the production of furniture is sourced ...
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  3. How The Blackout Curtains Can Be Used To Control Light And Noise?

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    The pimennysverhot or the blackout curtains were first used in the country of Great Britain during the World War 2. These curtains were used to hide the inner light from the Nazi planes in order to protect the buildings from bombing.

    Even after the World War II is long over, they are still widely used to control noise, light and also to save energy.

    What are the features of blackout curtains?

    ∑ These are made of tightly ...
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  4. Interior Design Trends for the Holidays

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    Christmas is a time for fun and celebration with those you love! During this festive season, our homes are often on display to relatives and out of town guests for Christmas parties. Create a festive ambiance by dressing your home for the holidays!

    Christmas Trees

    First things first Ė you need a holiday or Christmas tree. These days, Christmas trees are getting more and more elaborate and more and more unique! You donít have to go with ...
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  5. Interior decorators in Oakville Save You Time and Money

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	9473Making a warm and welcoming space inside your home or office obliges a bit of innovativeness. Spaces that are somewhat little, including condominium units, have the included test of designing and outfitting with restricted space. Interior decorators in Oakville utilize correct shade, furniture position and configuration can have an immense effect on the usefulness and style of an interior space. For the individuals who have a troublesome time attempting to sort interior ...
  6. How to Create the Perfect Modern Concise Style Bedroom

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    To create the modern concise decorating dream bedrooms, you have to learn some bedroom decoration knowledge about the styles first.

    After a busy day, you hope to find out a simple but fashionable place for rest. This is why the modern concise style is well welcomed. Lots of friends like DIY by themselves, but the result is opposite. Therefore, you need to learn some decorating knowledge.

    First, concise is essential

    Concise ...
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