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  1. How to Bid on Commercial Construction Projects

    Unlike residential projects, commercial projects need more specific skills. They are also rigid with the design and the expectation on the outcome. Working on commercial projects can give you higher profits as a contractor. However, bidding for commercial construction involves more business-to-business work and interaction, and the process is very technical and competitive.

    Planning on bidding on a construction commercial project? Make sure to take note of the following guidelines ...
  2. Marketing Tactics in Commercial Construction

    When you think commercial construction, marketing probably isnít the first thing that comes to mind. However, it is important for commercial construction companies to have marketing tactics to get the word out about their business. Take a look at some of the most popular marketing tactics used by construction companies.

    1. Social Media

    This becomes a popular way of advertising your business and marketing your products too, but the means in which you use the social media ...
  3. Innovative Ideas of Roofing Companies

    Several innovations have been achieved in the roofing industry sector. New ideas are being implemented on a daily basis to offer customers a wide variety of roofing solutions to choose from. Roofing and insulating materials have been designed to provide better sun protection and energy saving technology to extend the life of your roof. There are various innovations made in the roofing industry which may include the following.

    Solar Reflective Shingle Materials

    Solar reflective ...
  4. Finding a Quality and Reliable Roofing Company

    Roofing is one of the most important stages when building a house and therefore you know it is a big investment so you wouldnít want to choose just any company. There are several factors that one should consider when choosing the right roofing company. You should be able rely on this company to give you the best quality that will last long and provide good services as preferred. Some of these qualities are:

    1. Recommendations

    Once a company is good at what it does, it is ...
  5. Commercial Construction Trends

    Changes in the commercial construction industry havenít been constant in the previous decade. But there seems to be some recovery from the market crash that was witnessed a few years back as well as the bubble burst. With all this being said, the market is experiencing some phenomenal growth and everything seems to be moving in the right direction, there sure are some trends you need to watch out for. Projections point to an 11% rise in commercial construction industry in this year according to ...
  6. Beautify Your Home with Stamped Concrete on a Budget

    When it comes to making your home look nice, there are many different ways you can achieve it. Of course, before you are able to achieve this, you will have to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend to make your home look better. One way you can beautify your home without spending a lot of money however is to use stamped concrete. The reason for this is that while it exudes an eye-catching and intricate appeal, it really doesn't cost a lot of money to use.

    Installing stamped ...
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