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  1. Does Roof Color Matter?

    The color of a roof may not be something that immediately grabs your attention. However, roof color affects your home and matters in ways you may not have considered.

    Roof Color Affects the Temperature in Your Home

    Color affects the temperature of any object. It’s not just in roofs. When it comes to roofs, the temperature inside your home may be impacted by its color.

    Generally, lighter colors reflect the heat from the sun while darker colors absorb it. It ...
  2. Why Choose Terracotta Tiles?

    Choosing roofing tiles for your home is a matter of knowing what style and quality you want. Terracotta tiles, also known as ceramic shingles, are popular because of their natural, earthy appeal and their durability. Installing terracotta tiles can add that additional charm and texture to your home.

    What are terracotta tiles?

    Terracotta, which literally means “cooked earth,” is a type of ceramic made from natural clay fired in a kiln. This tile is usually left unglazed, ...
  3. Home Buying Tips: What to Look for in a Roof

    When people go house hunting, they usually focus on the rooms, kitchen, and yard but forget to check what's on top protecting everything inside. The roof is not only an important part of a home but one of its most expensive components. Any future issues with the roof structure can cost you thousands of dollars.

    Here is a short guide on what to look for in a roof when buying a house.

    • Roof exterior

    Stand across the street and give the roof a quick look. ...
  4. Tornados, Hurricanes, and Your Roof

    Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tornados can be damaging to your home. If you are in an area prone to these inclement elements, your roof is the most at risk. The upward pressure brought about by tornados or high wind forces may blow off your roof and expose the interior of your home.

    Your roof must be durable and sturdy. Your family and belongings need protection against the harmful effects of these natural disasters. For a hurricane or tornado proof house, below are ...
  5. Should You Really Humidify Your Home?

    Gone are the days when you can savor nature's aroma just by opening the window panes after winter subsides – unless your home is situated on the countryside. Have you ever wondered about why there are days that you feel somewhat suffocated in some areas in your home? It is most likely because of dry indoor air.

    The Purpose of Humidifying Your Home

    People with respiratory problems are quite sensitive when it comes to dry indoor air. When it is dry air that circulates in ...
  6. Why is My Roof Rotting?

    While every part of the house is considered essential because of their own specific purpose, it is somewhat undeniable that the roof serves a quite more vital role among the others. Obviously, it is the house’s major defense and protection against potential dangers brought about by the changing weather. Because of that, it is an imperative to keep the roof at its best quality, and to be mindful of the causes behind its rotting and deterioration.

    Common Causes of Roof Rotting
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