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  1. Safety with vehicle detector installed at homes

    First of all it is important to understand what a vehicle detection system is. It is a sensor that can detect large metal objects like cars, trucks and trawlers and sound an alarm. One might wonder what is so different about these systems. These systems are invisible to the passing vehicle.

    This is because the wires and the transmitter panel is buried under the ground due to which the vehicle driver cannot see it. However the sensor can detect the magnetic field of the passing vehicle ...
  2. Availing the right solutions for doing away with rising damp

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    The office or home requires to be cozy, clean and comfortable for the purpose of hygiene, healthy living and greater productivity. However, if there is present rising damp within the premises, then there is an increased chance of the health of the residents being impacted adversely. Hence, it is quite crucial for the individual to hire proofing specialists for clearing the environment, as early as possible.

    Hiring professional contractors
  3. 7 Key Trends in Emergency Lighting

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    Emergency lights are the back-up lights which are very helpful in case of a power outage. They get illuminated automatically once they sense that the power supply is not functional any more.

    Emergency lighting is also known as back-up lighting that gets illuminated in the entire building or a part of the building based on the codes it has been modelled upon. It serves the function of helping people to get out of the location that has experienced a ...
  4. Arcbazar: Home to Innovative and Sustainable Commercial Designs

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    Designing a commercial space is a highly challenging aspect of the design of architectural projects. A designer has to keep a fine balance between the aesthetic appeal of the commercial design while ensuring that the designs are sophisticated and relevant with the dynamics of the commercial space. For a holistic and focused approach to designing your dream commercial space, Arcbazar is the ideal choice. It saves time and money for you and gives you access to a ...
  5. Epoxy flooring - some specifications

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    When you are choosing different kinds of flooring for your space, you need to take into account many aspects and facets in order to make the right kind of decision. Some of the most important considerations are:

    Cost effectiveness,
    Ease of maintenance,
    Longevity and

    When you look at epoxy flooring solutions, all the above aspects can be easily compared because of ...
  6. Commercial kitchen flooring solutions

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    Some of the busiest floors in the world can be found in commercial kitchens! Commercial kitchen floors often have to go through:

    human footfall
    impact from dropped pots and pans
    food spills
    flaming hot liquids or solids being dropped on them and
    thorough cleaning on an everyday basis.

    Obviously then, when you are looking for commercial kitchen flooring solutions, you ...
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