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  1. Regretting your DIY home project? You’re not alone

    Feeling handy in 2019? Pick your project carefully, and do your homework.

    If you've ever attempted a DIY project at home, only to be disappointed by the results, you've got lots of company. That's the takeaway from a survey by, which recently queried 2,000 Americans about their DIY experiences.

    From sloppy paint jobs to crooked tile, almost two-thirds of homeowners say they regret tackling at least one DIY project. And one-third has called in a pro to ...
  2. How can I prepare my basement for spring?

    With the recent polar vortex sweeping through much of the nation, spring might not be on your mind, but it's not far off. And spring presents a serious challenge to your basement. Before the rainy season starts, give your basement a checkup and prepare for the season to come.

    February is an excellent time to plan ahead for future basement waterproofing and schedule work before problems develop.


    Your exterior maintenance plays a big role ...
  3. What should I look for in a midwinter inspection?

    Halfway through winter, you may be tempted to stay in a warm and cozy cocoon inside your house. And who could blame you? But even if you thoroughly prepared your home for the cold months, the best laid plans can and sometimes will go awry. Perform a midwinter checkup to ensure your home stays in good shape for the remaining cold weeks and the spring to follow. Even if you don't find emerging problems, this checkup can help you determine your home improvement priorities for the year to come.
  4. Spring maintenance checklist: How to inspect your home for winter damage

    When the last snow has fallen and temperatures finally hold above freezing, it's a good idea to check your home for signs of damage from winter weather.

    No matter how diligent you were getting your home ready at the start of winter, there's a chance one or more of the projects will crop up on your springtime to-do list.


    Heavy snowfall can take a toll on a deck's structure, making it vulnerable to collapse when you're grilling for a crowd this ...
  5. Easy and attractive ways to live green

    Don't let visions of clunky solar panels and backbreaking work make you shy away from sustainable living. Recent innovations make it easier than ever to live a green lifestyle without sacrificing style. Check out some of the new, beautiful and trendy ways you can create an environmentally friendly home.


    Also known as "living walls," green walls are trending due to their numerous health benefits and interior functionality. ...
  6. When should I splurge for the best materials?

    You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and there are some areas where you shouldn't skimp on quality – building materials and contractor services, for example. When you cut corners in important areas, you'll typically end up paying a lot more in the long run. You might have higher operating costs, have to pay extra to fix the mistakes made the first time around or replace something years before you should have to.

    –– Insulation. Properly insulating your home improves comfort, ...
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