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Cleaning, furniture care

  1. Tips for your domestic clearance

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    Every home needs a good sort out every once in a while, and if you’re looking for some tips to help you out with your domestic clearance then just have a look at the following helpful advice! Clearing your home is a great way to ensure that you’re living in a clutter-free and tidy environment, so try to find the time for a proper house clearance every few months!

    1) Finding the time.

    Your clearance job might be big or it might be small, ...
  2. Professional sofa cleaning for your sofas done by the experts

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    Our sofas over a period of time lose their shine and lackluster when it comes down to looking pristine and clean and we think of hiring a sofa cleaning company to be able to restore what our sofas looked like in the beginning.

    Trying to clean your sofa all by yourself is something that is extremely challenging because of the type of maintenance required typically for upholstery isn't simple to be able to give a good wash down! A clean sofa really ...
  3. Few ideas to prevent your furniture from stains

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    When the New year is around the corner one makes big plans for the cleaning. It`s perhaps the most important cleaning throughout the year and whether you live in an apartment, a big house with a yard or in a small shared condo - make sure to spend at least a couple of days of doing so, for example, during the weekend. Even a couple of days might be not enough, because except washing and vacuuming the carpets, you have to clean the furniture too.

    From ...
  4. How To Clean A Leather Sofa

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    Sofa cleaning can be frustrating, especially if you’re not sure of what to do. Can the customer clean the leather sofa themselves? The following information is to guide anyone who wants to clean their leather sofa.

    Sofa cleaning – is there a point to cleaning a leather sofa?

    Cleaning a leather sofa is imperative if the customer wants to maintain the leather sofa’s appearance. A leather sofa is an extravagant, beautiful piece of furniture ...