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  1. Art Deco Furniture: Modernism mixed with culture

    Art deco furniture has its history dated back to the time before World War 1. Western Europe was the major adopter of this art style, which was extended to the buildings, art, architecture, and even the furniture. However, the era of its dominance was not prominent and it faded away too soon.

    The Art Deco design has some unique features which not made this art type prominent back in the early 90s, but even today this type of art and its use in furniture is quite trending. Simplicity ...
  2. Bookcase & Display Cabinets

    A wide range of display cabinets and bookshelves is offered by the one of the most exquisite furniture house La Maison Chic. Unique, both new and antique, designs and styles are offered by La Maison Chic.

    We offer a wide range to the customers, designs from French Display cabinets to French bookcase. Moreover, unlike other bookcases you will find in the market these are 100% pure wooden bookcases. We research a lot prior to the crafting of our bookcases and cabinets whether they ...