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Shiraz Kahn

  1. How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Installation

    Getting a new air conditioning unit in Hammond, LA is expensive. The price of an A/C system is only a piece of the total cost to install the equipment. You will also need to hire a qualified professional HVAC contractor, pay for a pre-installation evaluation, and probably for air duct installation. You'll likely need thousands of dollars.

    Installing a brand new A/C can indeed cause a huge dent in your home improvement budget. To help you pay only for what's necessary and save as much ...
  2. Minimalist Bedroom Decor Essentials

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ID:	11399Searching for a way to make your room more relaxing and to help you sleep better? You can do both by embracing minimalism in your bedroom. Follow the lead of Santa Barbara interior designers by giving your bedroom a make-under and create that Zen-like vibe while maintaining a luxury aesthetic. These tips for mastering minimalism include the essentials you need to perfect this style.

    Clean It Up

    Clutter is the antithesis of minimalism, and if ...
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  3. How to remove pet hair from fabric sofas?

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ID:	10913To make your house great you have to do so many tasks. One of the most important among them is to look for the best home décor. If you have got a sofa which is fabric based then your duty is not ended, it is started now. You will have to clean it from dust and also for the pet. Pet hair can stick in your fabric sofas which can be a trouble for you afterwards.

    But here are some of the best tips to get rid of pet hair:

    Rubber Gloves
  4. What makes a loveseat so comfy?

    Loveseats as most of you already know is two seater sofa for the couples in which the partners are facing towards each other instead of both of them facing the same direction and it is really romantic and sweet but this was the contemporary style of the loveseats. The loveseats these days are two seater sofas and they are two armchairs together too. Different types of the armchairs are available at the SofaDirect and you can buy any one of them you feel is comfy for you. Now coming towards what ...
  5. Time to Replace Your Roof

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ID:	10740Many homeowners work hard throughout the week to keep their home beautiful and attractive for those who visit it over the course of the year, but some aspects of home maintenance get forgotten.

    For example, at least a third of UK residents fail to have their roof repaired in time to avoid unnecessary expenses, but this percentage could be significantly reduced if you take the time to simply inspect your roof. If you can, move to a distance of about 20 metres ...
  6. Protection That Looks Just Fine

    For those who have seen a film set in 19th-century England, the idea of covering the main windows of a business for protection during closed hours is familiar. For the merchants of that time, closing up shop was the last task of the day, when an employee put up the wooden shutters.

    Of course, this method has changed through the years, with many city stores covering their windows with heavy roll-up, metal sheeting that was one of the earliest attempts at this design. Some who did not ...
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