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  1. Choosing Your Rattan Patio Furniture

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    Do you know that you can actually add more buying value into your home by simply landscaping your yard? What's more, you can make it more usable by putting up garden furniture.

    Here are the best tips in picking your rattan garden furniture:

    1. Know the climate of your area. The furniture should be able to withstand the general climatic condition of your residence. For example, if it is sunshine for most of the year, such as in Florida, ...
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    Patio and Outdoor
  2. Cane Furniture - Elegant and Durable

    Cane furniture is a very popular style of furniture for placing on a front porch or sun room. There are also styles used for setting in the living room. These are more common in households where there isn't a lot of rough activity or animals to tear up the cane structures. Since this type of furniture is created from a material that is thin, it is torn easily. Wicker furniture is made from the cane of rattan stalks, but it is also combined with some plastic fibers. Although it is a very light type ...
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  3. Wicker, Rattan or Cane Conservatory Furniture for your home

    First of all, let's clarify a little bit. There is a need to do so because some people may be confused about wicker and cane furniture. The question is, are they the same thing? The answer to that question is yes, the two terms are used to refer to the same type of furniture. You will see how the furniture got those names when you get to understand the process of making wicker furniture.

    Wicker furniture is created from cane. There are several types of cane available in the market. ...
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  4. Cane Furniture - Best Conservatory Furniture

    Popular cane furniture usually made from wicker or rattan is quite sturdy and long-lasting. The cane used as a raw material to build furniture pieces is itself pretty strong and the one that could not be damaged easily. Being the tough material as it is, it is quite hard to mold it into different shapes in its raw and natural form. That is why; heat is applied to make it soft enough so that it can be worked upon.

    Cane is found in abundance in the forests of South East Asian countries ...
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