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  1. Here’s How Venetian Plaster Job Might Charge You!

    Polished plaster, often used in wall finish is also known as the Venetian plaster or Stucco. It is mainly a name given to the finish of certain plasters and is used to describe the updated and the new form of age-old Italian plaster finishes.

    There are various decorative finishes. It ranges
  2. 5 biggest home repair scams to watch out for

    When one is in the process of buying a new house, there are many things that one thinks about from the value of the house to even its present condition and whether it is actually worth buying in the first place. Surely there is little doubt of the fact that these are some of the main aspects that people tend to keep in mind while making the decision of moving into a new house.

    In most cases, whether it involves dealing with ceiling companies in Perth or any other similar services, there ...
  3. Know why your home needs a French Door

    With summer just around the corner, adding the much-needed zing to your home just like your wardrobe sounds like a good idea. We aren’t talking about cosmetic changes, like painting a section of your home or changing your linens and drapes, but a simple yet elegant addition that can enhance the overall look ...
  4. 7 Incredible Tips To Make Your Home The Perfect Place to Live In

    Are you planning to reconstruct your entire house anytime soon?

    Do you know the primary factors you should look at? Renovating might cost you a fortune, so make sure you do it right this time and make everything amazingly pretty. Plan your renovation well to avoid unnecessary expenditure. The ...
  5. 7 Affordable Hacks to Make Your Place Look Expensive and Elegant

    It's hard to negotiate big aspirations with a small budget, but knowing the right tricks always finds you the midway. At some point in your life, you might have enjoyed your stay at a hotel or a friend's place and felt bad about your home. What is it that makes their places look more elegant and expensive than yours? Well, if you look closely, maybe there's nothing expensive but just the regular stuff positioned in the right way and in the right place.

    Want to create your dream living ...
  6. Timber Floors Shine Better With These Expert Tips

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	room-3058660_960_720.jpg 
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ID:	10895If you wish to add a touch of luxury to the floor of your home, shop or hotel, then timber flooring is what a lot of us go for. Whenever there is a renovation taking place and the homeowner wishes for a newer and better look, their first choice is to get a shiny timber floor.

    However, with time, these timber floors tend to lose their look and shine. They are delicate enough to do away with their initial luster if not taken proper care of. If you are one ...
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