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  1. How to Clean Your Wooden Furniture

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    Rarely can you see a home without wooden furniture. Homeowners choose this type of furniture not only because it is versatile, durable and aesthetically appealing but also because it is low maintenance. Still, regular maintenance is necessary if you want your quality wood furniture to last a long time. We have a few simple tips on how to clean your wooden furniture like a pro.

    Reasons to clean your furniture

     Health. Living in ...
  2. What to do before hiring a professional window cleaner

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ID:	11054Consider the much time, the equipment, tools and solutions that youíd need to do the window cleaning yourself. This is one of the risky jobs, especially when cleaning tall buildings. Thus, doing it yourself exposes you to the risk of injuries when accidents occur. That is why you need a professional window cleaner to do the work for you. They have the skills and experience in working under any unfavorable conditions and thus will do a perfect job.

    Before ...
  3. How to keep your air-conditioner running smoothly

    If you want to save money on energy and still increase the lifespan of your air-conditioner, then it must be well maintained. The AC needs to operate at the highest efficiency and therefore needs regular attention. The heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system in your house consists of the exterior and the interior unit. Following are the steps to follow when cleaning:

    1. Shut the power off

    Walking around electricity and the air conditionerís moving parts poses a ...
  4. Why Imperial Services Is The Best Option For You

    With a plethora of cleaning services companies in Singapore, who promise a heaven in service provision, why should you choose impressive services cleaning company? The choice is crystal clear, we have raised the bar so that right from our superior customer experience team to the cleaning team. We are not only doing a great job but an outstanding one. We understand that being invited in someoneís home or premises is not a right but a privilege and thatís why we will do our best to give you a cleaning ...
  5. Things to consider when choosing carpet cleaning companies

    The carpet is a great part of the decor either in a home or in the office. It is part of essential items. It could make your home look amazing or make it look like an elegant trash can. The carpet, therefore, needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure it always upholds the great image everyone wants their home to have. If you are the type of person who believes that they should do things for themselves and save the little extra cash, then you have definitely tried cleaning your own carpet. Unlike the ...