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  1. Furniture designer Wendell Castle melds craftsmanship, technology

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ID:	10177Father of the art furniture movement, Wendell Castle has been a sculptor, designer, and educator for more than four decades. An influential artist, his work has led to the development of handcrafted, modern designer furniture as a major art form and his name is revered above all others in the field.

    His bold and graceful pieces, often organic, and sometimes whimsical, are crafted from rare and beautiful hardwoods, plastics, veneers, and metals in a timeless ...
  2. How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?

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ID:	10166The cost to rent a storage unit can vary greatly. Some smaller ones may run $50 to $55 per month, while larger units can be $300. And there are other types of units where fees are based on items' weight and volume.

    What you pay will depend on your local market, as well as on factors you mentioned, including the amount of space you need, what your items weigh and whether you want a temperature-controlled unit. The length of time you plan to rent is also a ...
  3. How textile covers protect plants from frost

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ID:	10165Whether you're growing a fall food garden or tending your backyard tropicals, frost changes everything. When it arrives, and how cold those first early mornings are, dictate how long plants will survive outdoors. First frost is a figment of the early morning, and the coldest point is always that hour just before dawn when the freeze comes.

    If you study the lay of frost on your yard or property, you'll find it may not occur uniformly. At night, cold air is ...
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  4. Some tips on cool-weather lawn care

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    Fall's cooler temperatures and moderate rains create a time frame for getting cool-season fescue lawns back in shape. Here are some tips on the best ways to get your lawn green and growing again.

    Lawn-care tips

    Seed selection. When selecting fescue grass seed for lawn renovation or over-seeding a mature lawn, read the label that gives the content of the bag. Look for a product that contains several different types of fescue to avoid a ...
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  5. Come clean on these common washing machine mistakes

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ID:	10154Unless you possess a never-ending supply of money and never wear the same outfit twice, laundry is an essential part of life.

    While the sudsy concept may seem simple enough, some of us make small mistakes that may hurt the washing machine over time.

    Prevent premature calls to appliance repair technicians by avoiding these user errors.

    Not emptying your pockets

    Think that destroyed $20 bill is the only reason it's ...
  6. Tips for small Kitchens and Bathrooms

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    My two basic suggestions for smaller bathrooms and smaller kitchens are about the same. Use lots of white colors and install a good exhaust fan to ventilate area. On top of my basic tips, here are three smaller kitchen remodeling tips to keep in mind.

    1. Get as much light into the kitchen as possible. Long rectangular windows up high and close to the ceiling can make use of lower wall space and get natural light into the area. Skylights can also make ...
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