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  1. Some tips on cool-weather lawn care

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    Fall's cooler temperatures and moderate rains create a time frame for getting cool-season fescue lawns back in shape. Here are some tips on the best ways to get your lawn green and growing again.

    Lawn-care tips

    Seed selection. When selecting fescue grass seed for lawn renovation or over-seeding a mature lawn, read the label that gives the content of the bag. Look for a product that contains several different types of fescue to avoid a ...
    Garden, Landscaping
  2. Come clean on these common washing machine mistakes

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ID:	10154Unless you possess a never-ending supply of money and never wear the same outfit twice, laundry is an essential part of life.

    While the sudsy concept may seem simple enough, some of us make small mistakes that may hurt the washing machine over time.

    Prevent premature calls to appliance repair technicians by avoiding these user errors.

    Not emptying your pockets

    Think that destroyed $20 bill is the only reason it's ...
  3. Tips for small Kitchens and Bathrooms

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    My two basic suggestions for smaller bathrooms and smaller kitchens are about the same. Use lots of white colors and install a good exhaust fan to ventilate area. On top of my basic tips, here are three smaller kitchen remodeling tips to keep in mind.

    1. Get as much light into the kitchen as possible. Long rectangular windows up high and close to the ceiling can make use of lower wall space and get natural light into the area. Skylights can also make ...
  4. An unfussy chaise lounge made of plywood? Ply not?

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    Plywood tends to be associated with unfinished building construction, so it's easy to forget that several modernist designers, from the 1920s onward, were obsessed with it as a furniture medium.
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    See, for example, Alvar Aalto's Paimio chair (1939) and Charles and Ray Eames' classic LCW or Lounge Chair Wood (1945).

    Now the versatile, inexpensive material - comprised ...
  5. 10 affordable dorm DIY projects

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    When it comes to dorm rooms, it's OK to live large even if a space is relatively small. Each year thousands of students arrive on campus with newfound freedom to decorate their own space to reflect their personality and taste.

    Here are some of my top tips for how to design a dorm room on a dime in style.


    Even though it may be someone else's dorm room next semester, there is nothing wrong ...
    Home Decor
  6. Should I get a professional window cleaning?

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ID:	10123Clean windows can make your home brighter and improve its overall appearance.

    A professional window cleaning can also provide an early warning of potentially dangerous problems.

    Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning service to keep your windows sparkling and functional.

    1. Saving time

    Cleaning your windows can be a time-consuming project.

    2. Spotting general problems ...
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