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  1. Hints for Remodeling Your Apartment

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    Itís difficult to make your place look and feel like home when youíre not the owner. Your personal reasoning says the necessary time and money to remodel would be a wasted investment because of how few years you will continue to live there; however, no matter how little time youíre actually planning to live in a place, home is meant to be a place of rest. Spacious rooms are rare in apartment floor plans, but there are tricks to making your place look ...
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    Home Decor
  2. Living Room Design for Tiny Homes

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    When you welcome someone into your home, you donít want them to enter straight into a dull, dreary living room.
    To have them greeted by style that was unexpected in a smaller more compact room, would make the impact that you want. Imagine that they walk into a room that is spacious and bright, that catches the eye and jumps out at you. One may think that it is not easy to present this feel in a room that is not nearly big enough, but wait for ...
    Living Room
  3. Bathroom Design Ideas

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    Contemporary style in your bathroom

    Home-buyers these days tend to be easily sold by the contemporary modern bathroom design. One would describe this style as streamlined, sleek and even as brutally minimalist. Fixtures and faucets are all in a stark modern chrome design and this is very popular with home owners who are looking to remodel their bathrooms. A downside however is that this bold and simple look of the contemporary design is ...
  4. Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

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    Donít become one of the many people who allow a busy lifestyle and limited budget keep them from having the bedroom theyíve always wanted. Yes, it will take some cash and a bit of focused attention, but the results will be well worth it in the end. You have the power to not only make your bedroom look better but to make it feel like your dream getaway. Imagine your bags are packed and ready for a long holiday. After youíve arrived at your destination, ...
  5. The Pipe Organ Desk

    It is quite likely this is the coolest desk in the world!

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    The Pipe Organ Desk has been in the works for more than 3 years. It is entirely made from solid wood down to the last screw. It features an octave of functional wooden organ pipes. Should you play the correct sequence of notes or tune, a secret compartment opens up.

    When you push in a drawer on the desk the air is directed to one ...
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