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    The light switches. Don't forget the light switches! And door knobs. And handles. It's funny how we often brag about doing thorough cleaning but often forgo these small areas which are the biggest germ carriers!

    Just because they are not enveloped in dust doesn't mean they are squeaky clean. This is where all the worst stuff actually collects over time. Water doesn't cut it in this case though - best cleaner is a sanitizer. And while you are at it, don't forget your phone too.
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    Yeah, Correct. Routertable or Jigsaw or anything else used in this?
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    Awesome tips. Thanks a lot for this guide. How to shape edges?? Routertable or anything else?
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    Here are the few more tips for selling your home

    1. Audit your agentís online marketing
    2. Post a video love letter about your home on YouTube.
    3. Let your neighbors choose their neighbors.
    4. Facebook your homeís listing.
    5. Leave some good stuff behind.
    6. Beat the competition with condition.
    7. Stage the exterior of your home too.
    8. Access is essential.
    9. Get real about pricing.
    10. Get clued into your competition.
    11. De-personalize.

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    Nice post!!!
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    really nice idea
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    A home warranty is not essential, but it can be nice to have. However, you may want to check what the pricing will be for you since you already closed on your home
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    Very interesting.
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    Nice article. You have done a nice researching for that, Appreciate that.
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    Very nice but kind of expensive.
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    Very smart
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    Agreed - Vacuuming Sucks !!!!
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    I'm a smoker. I also don't like smokers.
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    I don't like smokers.
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    Really nice article. Looking for more like this.
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    Good for outdoor. Winter time you can storage them as a pieces under the bed.
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    Nice idea how much?
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    Looks like sandwich
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    This is one piece of art. I Love it
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