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Outdoor Accents

  1. Latest types of garden parasols available on the market

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    Garden parasols could be the best option for you garden lovers who are in a state of panic after hearing the news of water restriction and possible drought. The pleasure of a pleasant summer morning can be fully appreciated through the shade of a lovely parasol; here are the latest models:

    Princess Parasol: These parasols are designed with a classic polyester top along with a hardwood pole which offers that authentic look. The top has vents that are ...
  2. How to repair your hammock swing

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    If you love to hang out in the comfort of the great outdoors, and read while the leaves of the trees shade your eyes from the sun’s glare, then a hammock is a perfect addition to your outdoor furniture.

    A hammock is typically a sling built from fabric, woven rope or netting, made to be suspended between two points. More often than not, it is used for leisure activities such as resting or sleeping. Being an outdoor fixture, a hammock is subject ...