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  1. How to avoid these 5 common new homeowner mistakes

    So you've just purchased a new home. Naturally the experience is filled with lots of excitement and anticipation. From renovation and remodeling ideas to design, a number of projects and considerations likely come to mind. Poor execution and planning can derail or delay a homeowner's opportunity to enjoy a new home to the fullest. Here are some common new homeowner mistakes and how to potentially avoid them.


    This is a common mistake of ...
  2. How to make approachable interior upgrades for the new year

    Looking for ways to have your home look and feel different and refreshed in the new year? If the cost and prospect of an extensive renovation is undesirable, consider taking on smaller projects that can give your home a new look on a budget.


    First and foremost, have a budget. Decide how much money you can allocate as renovation dollars.


    Before you splurge, first determine what design or functionality needs ...
  3. Here’s how to prepare your home for winter

    With frigid temperatures settling in for many parts of the country, for many now is the perfect time to properly prepare the home for winter. Here are some key tips to keep in mind.

    1. Consider installing heat tape or using a heat tracing system. This can be critical in preventing freezing pipes in the case of a home that is seldom used such as a part-time or weekend residence.

    2. Drain outdoor hoses and faucets. These should be winterized as soon as possible to prevent ...
  4. How can you update your dull basement?

    In some homes, basements are light and airy with adequate windows and space to help you forget you're in a subterranean room. Others might need some help. If your basement feels musty and dank, check out these ideas on how to breathe some new life into the space.


    Make sure windows are sparkling clean and unobstructed from the exterior to let natural light in, and approach basement lighting as you would any room - just remember you'll likely need ...
  5. 5 ways to survive a home renovation

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Name:	Home-Improvements.jpg 
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ID:	10263If a friend tells you she's renovating her home, when she finishes gushing about her new herringbone marble backsplash, expressions like "our place is a wreck right now," "I'm so stressed" and "I've had it up to here with my contractor" may soon follow.

    Yes, renovations can be a major headache and they're certainly a challenging time to be living at home. Thankfully, many have survived remodels, and so will many more.
  6. Come clean on these common washing machine mistakes

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Name:	washing-machine.jpg 
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ID:	10154Unless you possess a never-ending supply of money and never wear the same outfit twice, laundry is an essential part of life.

    While the sudsy concept may seem simple enough, some of us make small mistakes that may hurt the washing machine over time.

    Prevent premature calls to appliance repair technicians by avoiding these user errors.

    Not emptying your pockets

    Think that destroyed $20 bill is the only reason it's ...
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