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  1. How do you make your own mulch?

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ID:	10717Mulch is an effective tool to protect your plants, beautify your yard and add nutrients to your soil.

    Making it is easier than you might think. DIY mulch saves money and it's environmentally friendly, because you recycle resources like yard waste or food trimmings.


    Some are easier to gather than others. Leaves make a good mulch source, as do pine needles and yard clippings. Bark is one of the most effective ...
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  2. Trees You May Not Want in Your Yard

    Planting trees can spruce up your home landscape, but choosing the wrong tree can cause some major headaches. Here are five species you might want to avoid when planting a tree:

    1. Black walnut tree

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    Black walnuts are often grown for their shade and edible nuts, but their buds, roots and nut hulls release significant levels of juglone, a chemical that robs sensitive plants of needed energy.

    Garden vegetables planted ...
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  3. How to enjoy your outdoor environment in winter

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ID:	10240What could be more wonderful than relaxing at home?

    These days as people are looking for opportunities to enhance their homes, many are investing just as much on their exterior space as they are on their interior spaces.

    Outdoor environments can be useful and functional, not only in warm months but in cold months as well.

    From selecting the ideal project, pricing your project and selecting those to perform your winter renovation ...
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  4. How textile covers protect plants from frost

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ID:	10165Whether you're growing a fall food garden or tending your backyard tropicals, frost changes everything. When it arrives, and how cold those first early mornings are, dictate how long plants will survive outdoors. First frost is a figment of the early morning, and the coldest point is always that hour just before dawn when the freeze comes.

    If you study the lay of frost on your yard or property, you'll find it may not occur uniformly. At night, cold air is ...
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  5. Some tips on cool-weather lawn care

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    Fall's cooler temperatures and moderate rains create a time frame for getting cool-season fescue lawns back in shape. Here are some tips on the best ways to get your lawn green and growing again.

    Lawn-care tips

    Seed selection. When selecting fescue grass seed for lawn renovation or over-seeding a mature lawn, read the label that gives the content of the bag. Look for a product that contains several different types of fescue to avoid a ...
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  6. Conserve water with mulch

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ID:	9995Brick red-dyed mulch is the equivalent of the 1970s orange shag carpet. It was popular for about two minutes and then became the ultimate downer after the fad passed.

    Unfortunately, colored wood chips are still around - even advertised on TV - which makes no sense when natural-looking alternatives are available.

    Mulch is a term applied to anything you spread out on top of the ground from straw to wood chips.

    While these mulches ...
    Garden, Landscaping
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