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Living Room

  1. How to find the best sofa for your space

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ID:	11356For many, a sofa is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, or it's at least a purchase homeowners don't want to have to make on a frequent basis. In most cases, a sofa's longevity and quality relates to how it's made.

    Construction tips

    Sofas can be made by machine or by hand. Depending on its usage, how a sofa is made, may be a key factor in how long it lasts. In general, nothing beats all hardwood construction. A sofa constructed of low-grade wood ...
  2. Options for Living Room Furniture

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    When you are setting up your new living room or trying to figure out how you are going to update the space that you already have, new living room furniture is a great way to do it. Many people decide that they are simply going to update the furniture that they have.

    They will choose a similar style and even a similar color to what they already have. Where's the fun in that? You should check to see what different options are available and how you can ...
    Living Room
  3. Nautilus II Table by Marc Fish

    With a brief for a large statement piece, with maybe a hint of the sea - its location being a large loft style apartment overlooking the English Channel.

    An open brief from the client is every makers dream.- room to explore, experiment and innovate. A new technique was developed to turn 4000 pieces of veneer strips into a 10 mm thick logarithmic spiral.

    Edition of 5, each are unique in colour and style. Nautilus II has now been finished, it is being sold through ...
    Living Room
  4. Bell Table Side Table, Sebastian Herkner 2012

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    Coffee table. Hand-blown glass base in choice of colours. Metal top frame with round tabletop of painted crystal glass. Handcrafted.

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    The “Bell Table” side table by Sebastian Herkner turns our perceptual habits on their head, using the lightweight, fragile material of glass as base for a metal top that seems to float above it. Hand-blown in the traditional manner using a wooden mould, the transparent tinted ...
  5. 10 Amazing Sofas

    1. Nubola Sofa, design: Gaetano Pesce from Meritalia

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    Nubola is a solid, comfortable and soft sofa which can be easily recognized by dimension and functionality. It is fraught of big coloured buttons. The sofa seems to be created from a cloud. Its own solid and steady form of a common sofa changes, moulds, bellies out with the same texture of the air which is prisoner of various textile ...
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    Living Room , Upholstery
  6. Make a style statement with the addition of living room chairs

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    You may think it is difficult to give your living room some sprucing up, but it may not be the chore that you think. Some of those folk with that special decorating instinct might really look forward to it. A living room should be designed as one of the most inviting and comfortable rooms in the home. The trend today therefore is all about suites and not the traditional living room chair. Of course, one does not want to sacrifice on comfort for the sake of ...
    Living Room
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